About Jasmine Kitchen

The newly renovated 100-year old building is now home to a community that values the immense dignity and worth of every individual. It’s a space where everyone is treated with respect, kindness, and love. The yellow exterior color is symbolic of the light that this community shines and the warmth that is shared each day.

Jasmine Kitchen has 64 interior seats in four separate dining areas that are decorated with beautiful local art, sunny windows and comfortable seating, as well as a deck with outdoor seating. The tables and sliding barn door were made by fellow social enterprise Soteria At Work from wood that was salvaged from a deconstructed building on the site.

Jasmine Kitchen has 33 solar panels on its roof to help offset energy usage, and space outside for a beautiful garden where the café will grow and source organic herbs and vegetables for its recipes. These measures in addition to many other environmentally conscious choices helped the restaurant become certified by The Green Restaurant Association.

The café also includes a retail space where guests can purchase beautiful gifts to support Jasmine Road’s other enterprises including candles, jewelry, and t-shirts.