About Jasmine Kitchen

The Jasmine Kitchen Team is led by a dynamic duo that includes Executive Chef Nicci Hughes and Sous Chef Sarah Dake. Both are 2015 graduates of Greenville Tech Culinary School and have more than 30 combined years of restaurant experience.

Their focus is on teaching, creating high quality nutritious food, and encouraging everyone to feel a sense of belonging. The team is made up of members of the Jasmine Road Rooted in Love community -- “there is no us or them”. At Jasmine Kitchen, the team members work alongside one another and provide encouragement and accountability.

Restaurant partner Kevin Feeny, owner of Kitchen Sync Restaurant, provides support to the team. He has generously shared his extensive restaurant experience, helping with the building and kitchen design, the restaurant concept, staff training, and sustainability measures. Kevin serves on the Board of Managers and brings his compassionate leadership to the project helping us value people, planet and profit equally.